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You go by?: Jo.
You’ve existed for?: 17 years
What kind are you? (gender): female.
Do you sex up the boys or the girls?: I sex up the boys, mate.
Where is your kingdom?: It is the United Kingdom! Located under a giant raincloud.
Flying solo or walking together?: I'm a Han Solo

What you dig:
7 bands: Metallica, Midtown, Coheed&Cambria, Mest, Sugarcult, The Clash, Jimmy Eat World. Among others, i always struggle shrinking my music taste to a small number, haha
6 movies: Kill Bill, Doom, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Back To The Future trilogy, Star Wars 4-6, Singin' In The Rain.
3 books: The Shining, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Women's Room
Be self-absorbed (tell us about you): I love to make people laugh. I have a short temper, but i am SO learning how to control it. I love ranting about things. I'm a bit of a camera whore. And one of my best friends describes me as "a guy in a chick's body" and "the most confusing female known to man". He's kind of right, i suppose.
Any random interests: When i have money in my pocket at college i pull it out and put all the coins in chronological order. Not so much as an interest, but a geeky habit. I thought it was random enough.

What you don’t dig:
4 bands: I don't really hate many bands. It seems kinda pointless. But i must admit i cringe whenever i hear HIM.
4 movies: Van Hellsing and Star Wars episode 3 are the only ones that come to mind. The kind of movie that is just so crap and ridiculous you find yourself laughing and saying "WTF?!" all the way through.
Other things you hate: People who post pointless bulletins on myspace. Yeah, i don't care if you have a new pic, i'll comment on it if i want to. And i don't care if you're going to bed now. THE WORLD DOESN'T NEED TO KNOW. God.

Lets hear it:
Abortion: I don't really have an opinion on it and don't think i ever will unless i'm actually in that position, because nobody really knows how the mother is feeling.
Gay marriage: For it. Definately. It's amazing.
Sex: My friend is obsessed with it, haha. As for me, It doesn't bother me that much. I don't like it when people/MEN talk about it non stop though.
Religion: Being an atheist myself, i don't agree with most religions. But it is probably the most controversial subject around considering it starts wars and all that shiz.
Drugs: I have a lot of friends who are into that jizz. I personally can't see myself ever doing it.
sXe (straightedge): I used to be. So i respect people who do it.
Scene kids: Argh. Piss me off SO fucking much. If someone calls me scene i throw a huge spazz, lmao. But i can see how they would think that. It's become a big label.
Emo: Has just got a bit silly now hasn't it.
Vegetarianism: My best friend is a vegetarian so i hear a lot about it. I tried doing it myself, but sadly i lack the self discipline. I fully respect it though.

Those f**ked up questions:
Spaghetti with or without the sauce: No spaghetti at all, thankyou.
Favorite colored underwear: My orange snoopy ones. they're so effing COMFY.
Were you the smelly kid in class: Probably. I was a huge nerd.

Impress us:
Compliment the mods:
maid_of_horror6: You have fucking awesome taste in shizz. And you like diet coke, which just KA-CHING goes up on my list. And your glasses fucking kick my ass.
_ur_my_sunshine: Stop being so pretty, girl. haha
_sopeculiar: You seem like a whole load of fun. AND YOU ALSO LIKE DIET COKE omg *explodes* I kind of live off of that stuff.
Make us giggle:

Well, it made me giggle. But i'm an idiot.
Show us your crazy side:

Yeah not that crazy. But the craziest things don't happen on camera.
Promote us in THREE different places:
Will you swear to shake it up?: If You swear to listen, honey.

How do you look?
4-7 pictures.

A picture for the members page(preferably 400x300 pixel):

I, x__sober, swear to follow the rules, or else the mods will kick my cyber ass. I fully understand that breaking the rules get these consequences:
First Offence: A warning.
Second Offence: Posting access taken away (amount of time determined with offence)
Third Offence: Banned.

errr. enjoy.
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