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So to make this community official (and worth it) Amber (_ur_my_sunshine) and I have decided that we need to have Scavenger Hunts.
Heres the details...
-They will occur every 2 weeks, starting tomorrow (though the list will be posted tonight)
-You can either post original pictures of those found on the interweb (we prefer original)
-Points will be rewarded for participating.
-Participating = 10 points.
-Each original photo (since they are kinda like more effort) = 1 point.

So heres the list for March 1st thru March 15th.

1. A green lamp shade.
2. A pink pen.
3. Handcuffs.
4. A purple light bulb.
5. A spork.
6. A black thong.
7. Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy (lawl))
8. A pirate
9. A striped shirt.
10. A Sign for your lj name (can be a photo or made on the computer)

Now, The Point reward system. (we WILL come up with more ways to earn points than just the hunts)

100 pts - You can auto-accept/auto-reject an applicant.
275 pts - pick a new layout for the community.
450 pts - make the scavenger hunt list.
600 pts - make up 4 new questions to the app.
900 pts - suspend a member for 3 weeks.
1300 pts - kick a member out (except mod)
2999 pts - be a mod for a month.

if you reach 2999(or higher) you will be set back to zero.

The point system will be posted when we have decided what community activities should be.

But for now, something to look for in the next couple days:
the point system.
a theme (either picture or text)


pppppppssssssss: PROMOTE!!!!!! you want this community to be successful, dontcha?!
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