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You go by?: emillee brilliant
You’ve existed for?: 23409829487293784 years ((14))
What kind are you? (gender): chick?
Do you sex up the boys or the girls?: i sex up brynn, nick and for like six times shane. OH YEAH AND THE ALL POWERFUL ABER.
Where is your kingdom?: in the land of no return.
Flying solo or walking together?: holding hands and,....crawling?

What you dig:
7 bands: Panic! at the Disco, Bayside, Something Corporate, Senses Fail, My Chemcial Romance, Motion City Soundtrack, The Academy Is...
6 movies: Saw, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Crow, Corpse Bride, Amber+Wes's homemade video (it kicked ass), Brynn's Gummi Bear Porno
3 books: The Bell Jar, I Think I'll Just Curl Up and Die, Jane Austin
Be self-absorbed (tell us about you): I am inbetween 5' and 6' but i perfer to keep it confidential.  My hair is stubborn and  CRAZY all over the fucking place. it is reddish////with a blonde streak. I want a pink streak but it didnt work out like that.... i wear rings a lot? like..Mr. Nick's tottally awesome hawt daredevil ring and my marriage ring to brynn and...i like chapstick??? lipstick=DIE. mascara is my favorite. eyeliner is...LOOOVE. my face has decided to peel itself off and crawl away. damnit. cheeeeese is good.
Any random interests: gum, pizza, Nick, books, numbers, Brynn, music, GREEN, mix-matched socks, blood, BRACLEEEETTTSSS, freckles, anything old-school,  not speelling tings wright. ((haha i did that just for brynners)), laaarge sized condoms, anything RANDOM cause im just that random? i think brynn and amber use me for sex.

What you don’t dig:
4 bands: Green Day, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Britney Spears
4 movies: Charlies Angels, Any Porno with Ben in it, Anything kung-fu, Pokemon shit
Other things you hate: Chapped lips, being tickeled, mean things, fights, DRAMA, people making fun of emo people... amber and brynn using me for sex.

Lets hear it:
Abortion: IM MOST DEFINATLY PRO-CHOICE. duuuuude, dont let the 203423097 year old men make decisions for you GIIRRRRL POWER.
Gay marriage: gay marriage SHOULD be leegalizzzzed. if it was, i would SO totally set up cole and be like (heart) GET MARRIED BITCH!! aahhh...i want gay marriage NOW DAMNIT.
Sex: oh baby. BRING IT ON. HARDER!!!! bahahah well considering im not a virgin im...pro-letsallgolooseourvirginity
Religion: agggnostic. i mean seriously, do you REALLY  want to limit yourself to ONE religion?? what if you die and your like hindu and the RIGHT religeon is like..christian???
Drugs: yes please.
sXe (straightedge): KILL THEM.
Scene kids: are my friends?
Emo: SHUT UP. just cause im emo doesnt mean you can poke poke poke.
Vegetarianism: now?

Those f**ked up questions:
Spaghetti with or without the sauce: without. and with garlic bread. and noooo sauce. did i already say that?
Favorite colored underwear: hmm..i heart thongs. and thing that are like thongs. and sparkels, and hearts.....anything pretty?
Were you the smelly kid in class: i smelled like axe. BIATCH!

Impress us:
Compliment the mods:
maid_of_horror6: BRYNN YOU ARE MY FAVORITESTESTEREST  DISCO KID!!!!! be my lover??
_ur_my_sunshine: you are my suuunnshine. and my besterset friend. DO ME. NOW!?!
_sopeculiar: HAAALLI!!!!!!!!! your name is on amber ceiling. i love you. marry me?
Make us giggle: porn? sex me? GUMMI BEAR POOORN!! sexcloset.
Show us your crazy side: KLSJFLKADLFUAOSPIUFDP0A945P089 times four.
Promote us in THREE different places:
1. dissssco
3. haha promoting is gay brynn says i dont gotta. cause im looooove.
Will you swear to shake it up?: if you swear to listen.

How do you look?
4-7 pictures.
A picture for the members page(preferably 400x300 pixel):

I, xlivefromyoux , swear to follow the rules, or else the mods will kick my cyber ass. I fully understand that breaking the rules get these consequences:
First Offence: A warning.
Second Offence: Posting access taken away (amount of time determined with offence)
Third Offence: Banned.
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