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You go by?: Abbi
You’ve existed for?: 15 years
What kind are you? (gender): lady
Do you sex up the boys or the girls?: mmmm all of the above.
Where is your kingdom?: albuquerque, new mexico
Flying solo or walking together?: solo

What you dig:
7 bands: The Dresden Dolls, Ladytron, Le Tigre, Buzzcocks, Horrorpops, Bikini Kill, David Bowie
6 movies: Hedwig & the Angry Inch, The Princess Bride, Clue, Young Frankenstein, Butch Cassidy, Mirrormask
3 books: Smack, Crank, Miss Lonelyhearts
Be self-absorbed (tell us about you): I enjoy playing dressup, sitting at IHOP for long hours and driving above the speedlimit.
Any random interests: glitter, music, internet, sewing, writing, shakira

What you don’t dig:
4 bands: LCB, panic! at the disco, the doors, toxic narcotic
4 movies: Lord of the Flies, The Grudge, Close Encoutners, any roid-rage action film.
Other things you hate: when i am eating a meal with a someone and they SCRAPE their teeth against their fork of spoon-- the GRINDING of BONE on METAL-- i will right then whip out my gat and bust. a. cap.

Lets hear it:
Abortion: should be complete legal and a woman's choice.
Gay marriage: should also be legal and fully accepted.
Sex: is a wonderful part of being a homosapien when done right and safely with honorable intentions.
Religion: is, as well, human instinct to explain life and everything involved. myself, i am a christian, but i will never push my beleifs where they are not welcome and will never pursecute those that don't share them.
Drugs: are dangerous, granted, but i am no hypocrite so i'll say they're fun.
sXe (straightedge): i respect if that's what you beleive in. not for me, thank you.
Scene kids: are cute to look at and stereotypically some of the bitchyest people i know. don't get obsessed.
Emo: music is my guily please. i will sit on the floor of my room/shower and scream along with bright eyes. so sue me.
Vegetarianism: hey that's what i am. i beleive in animal rights and now eating dead flesh.

Those f**ked up questions:
Spaghetti with or without the sauce: with
Favorite colored underwear: i have some hot pinstriped panties. i lub them.
Were you the smelly kid in class: ew.

Impress us:
Compliment the mods:
maid_of_horror6</lj>: pretty sure you like the dresden dolls and the horrorpops so i automatically want you to be my new livejournal BFF
_ur_my_sunshine</lj>: eiii i looove your hair color. i'm jealous
_sopeculiar</lj>: bathtub pic= hottttt. yous cute.
Make us giggle:
  i'm boob, and my bowling scores are always rather humorous.
Show us your crazy side: 

Promote us in THREE different places:
Will you swear to shake it up?: if you swear to listen

How do you look?
4-7 pictures. 

A picture for the members page(preferably 400x300 pixel):

I, __googoomuck swear to follow the rules, or else the mods will kick my cyber ass. I fully understand that breaking the rules get these consequences:
First Offence: A warning.
Second Offence: Posting access taken away (amount of time determined with offence)
Third Offence: Banned.
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